About Us

208 Williams is a collaborative blog founded by Marissa Bergman and Allison Schaaff, whose spirit remains even though she now works on other projects. Birthed from a best friendship that started at Brown University, 2-oh-8 (the address of their beautiful yet dilapidated home senior year) provides loving inspiration on cooking, culture, travel, health and living well even in the broke-est of times.


A Connecticut native, Marissa (also known as Momo) apologizes in advance for her home state, but would like to point out that she has never, nor will she ever, own a pair of salmon shorts with whales and/or anchors. She is putting her highly marketable degree in Environmental Studies to good use by disregarding it entirely, although she would gladly debate the evils of bottled water with you any day. Marissa enjoys drinking peppermint tea and smothering her kitten, Nala, with unrequited love.

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