Classical is Classy Playlist

Growing up as an orchestra nerd, I’ve always held a deep affinity for classical music…which, surprisingly, is not a cool trait as a teenager (nor now at 23). And as much as I love me some so-hipster-it-hurts indie/alternative/folk tunes, I always come back to my arsenal of trusted classical pieces.

I think most people, and my generation in particular, hold this notion of classical music as boring, one-dimensional and depressing. But classical is very often actually dynamic, emotional and wild (thanks to a wonderful crop of brilliant, albeit crazy, composers). From concertos to quartets to symphonies, here are my most captivating and nuanced classical picks; I tried to avoid the overexposed go-tos so you get a taste of something fresh.

Also, full disclosure, I’m 100% biased in my favorites since I’ve happened to have performed nearly all of them (#violinhickeylife).


Photo Credit: Jason Hollinger via Flickr under Creative Commons 2.0

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